Big Hearts EP

by Jessy Tomsko

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released April 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Jessy Tomsko New York, New York

Singer/songwriter in New York. New EP Big Hearts just released!

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Track Name: Big Hearts
I got a big heart beating in my chest
It's such a fine art, never getting any rest
Every day and every night it keeps on going
I wanna be so smart, I'm giving it my best
But damn it's so hard when I'm flunking every test
And my head wants to lead the way
But my heart ain't following-

Then you call me from the road
You're driving through Virginia, heading home
Well won't you come on through?
'Cause I really wanna go on loving you-

You got a big heart I always understood
I think a new start will do you lots of good
And I hope someone will catch you if ever you're falling
You play a big part in so many of my songs
So thank you sweetheart, and though other come along
Hope you know you'll always be my dearest darling-

Then you call me late at night
Pretending to be near me and that's alright
'Cause there's nothing left to prove
So I guess I'm gonna go on, go on-

Big hearts beating, filling up the room
Well I knew you were needing something only I could do
Years go past and I'm still after what I had to lose-

And so you call me now and then
I ask about your job and your girlfriend
While this big heart's beating true
And I think she's gonna go on
I'm afraid I'm gonna go on loving you.
Track Name: Oak Trees
He is strong as the oak trees growing down in County Kerry
He is warm as his brewed teas that he pours
And tells me stories
Oh sing to me, sing to me, my bonny boy-

He loves me true, soundly we'll sleep
His dreams come from far, they fly 'cross the sea
And though one day I well may be a long-departed memory
"You're my bonny lass", he says to me-

How I long to be like the oak trees growing down in old Killarney
I could be strong and bear his baby
He'll teach us songs from nights in Kerry
Oh sing to me, sing to me, my bonny boy-

He loves me true, soundly we'll sleep
He dreams of a world that I've never seen
And though his dearest love may be a land that lies beyond the sea
My bonny lad, stay with me-

In another life we will be oak trees growing wise and wild in Kerry
I'll be his wife, yes, him I'll marry
And when he dies, my love I'll bury
I'll sing to thee, sing to thee, my bonny boy-

I love him true, soundly we'll sleep
Our dreams come from far, they fly 'cross the sea
And though we're bound eventually for long-departed memory
His bonny lass I'll always be.
Track Name: Charleston
Walk away from the hurt, I buried it in the dirt-
I was just a little girl when he walked into my world
Faithful as a dog would be while he ran around on me
So I followed him this time to catch him if I can
Oh Lord how I love that man-

So no no I know I'm gonna tell my God when I see His face
That I think he would've done the same if He was in my place
'Cause more than that I fear the wrath of the peoples' gun
So no don't you tell 'em what I've done in Charleston-

There he was caught in a lie, tangled up with another man's wife
I said goodbye to my peaceful ways
And he said goodbye to the light of day
May that ground soak up my sin and wear it like a brand
Oh Lord how I loved that man-


Careful now, no one to trust
Baby is on the run
Well the only living witness was that setting southern sun-

Track Name: Moments
Do these moments come free or have they only been loaned?
When you're taking your leave, will they cost more than I own?
Have these moments been planned?
Set up and used up day after day
Back when we began
I swore you were more than a stop on the way-

Why, tell me why do I want you like I still do?

I thought these moments were mine
I held their hands so they wouldn't fall
But they're yours at the same time
So I guess they belong to no one at all-

Then why, tell me why do I miss them like some old friends?
Track Name: Daddy Don't Cry
Daddy goes out from dawn til dusk
He's looking for a job that pays
He says I know we're living in a world that's just
And I'm gonna get it one of these days-
He says it's my fault we're in this boat
And it won't be long til we drown
I swear I wanna get you to the other side
But I'm the one who's weighing it down-
Well I have seen the future, daddy,
And I know you're gonna be fine
Chin up, honey, like you always told me
Now I wanna see you smile
Daddy don't cry-

Daddy got lost a couple years back
And he don't know how to find his way
He said I had my map, I had my facts
And I don't know where I went astray-
He says it's my fault we're in these woods
And the night is falling fast
I swear I wanna get you to the other side
But I still can't find the path-
Well I have seen the future, daddy
And I know we'll get out alive
Chin up, honey, like you always told me
Now I wanna see you smile
Daddy don't cry-

Daddy comes home with a heavy heart
And he's buckling under the weight
He says if only I could take it back to the start
But now I'm shouldering a burden too great-
He says it's my fault, I made my choice
Now all I can do is pray
I swear I'm gonna get Him to hear my voice
But I wanna know how long it'll take-
Well I have seen the future so daddy
Don't you go on taking blame
Win or losing, it's worth the choosing
And I love you just the same
Daddy don't cry.